What is the Danish Language Education program?

The Danish Language Education program is an official offer for adult foreigners coming to Denmark. You will learn to speak, write and understand Danish, so that you can get by both personally and professionally in Denmark. The program is generally free of charge if you have a Danish CPR number and have resided in Denmark for less than 5 years (diplomats are an exception). If you are a self-supporting citizen, you must pay a deposit of DKK 2000, – before you can start.

Read more on the rules for the Danish Language Education program here.

There are three levels of the programme; 1, 2 & 3. Each level consists of six modules. Before you can start learning Danish, you must attend an interview with a language consultant, who will assess which level and module is the right one for you. Each level of the program finishes with a state-authorized examination.

What is Danish 3 (Danish Education 3)?

At Danish 3, you will learn to fine-tune your oral and written Danish language. You will learn to argue and take a standpoint, and you will obtain a good knowledge about Danish history, society and cultural values. Danish 3 finishes with the Danish 3 Examination at the end of the fifth module. If you pass the examination with a good result, you may continue with an extra module, module 6, which finishes with The Higher Education Examination. After Danish 3, you will be equipped for a job or further education in Denmark. After the Higher Education Examination, you will have obtained the level of Danish language, which is an admission requirement in connection with a higher education in Denmark.

Danish 3 is for you, who has a longer education from your home country and who speaks and writes English fluently.

What is Danish 2 (Danish Education 2)?

At Danish 2, you will learn to understand and speak Danish and also to write and read texts. You will learn how Danish society is organized and how the Danish labour market works now and in the past. Danish 2 finishes with the Danish 2 Examination  at the end of the sixth module. After Danish 2, you will be equipped for a job in Denmark and active participation in Danish community life.

Danish 2 is for you who has a shorter school education background from your home country.

What is Danish 1 (Danish Education 1)?

At Danish 1, you will learn to speak and understand Danish, so that you are able to get by in Denmark. You will learn to write simple texts and you will learn about the Danish labour market and society. Danish 1 finishes with the Danish 1 Examination at the end of the sixth module. After Danish 1, you will typically be able to take an unskilled job in Denmark.

Danish 1 is for you who cannot yet read or write the Latin alphabet.