How to learn Danish at home

Do you want to learn how to master the Danish language?

At Speak – School of Danish we work to teach you Danish in order for you to get on in the country. In our school, we speak Danish from the moment we meet you to make you as comfortable as possible with your new language. However, our lessons are not the only way for you to learn. You have all sorts of options outside the classroom. Some of these will be described here. So read on and learn Danish in your everyday life in Denmark.

Different ways to learn the language

Here is some free advice for you to learn Danish, when you are not in school with your fellow students and tutors. Feel free to try them out and learn faster:

  • A key recipe for learning a new language is actually rather simple: Speak. Wherever you go, you can talk to people. When you go grocery shopping, when you are working out in fitness, or when you visit friends. The more you use the language, the faster it will stick.
  • Watch, read and listen to Danish television, papers and radio. This is another fast way to learn new words and hear new sentences.
  • Keep up with the Danish news. That way you can take part in conversations at work or in the park, as you know what is happening around you.

Use your Danish surroundings

It is not difficult to learn a new language but it requires practice and patience. In addition to the advice mentioned above, one of the best ways to learn Danish is actually to just live in the Danish society. Speak Danish when you have the opportunity and encourage yourself to be brave and just try. This is a great supplement to professional Danish lessons at a language course at one of our 4 departments at Speak School of Danish.