• Summer course in August

    Join an intensive summer course in August and improve your Danish considerably in just 2½ weeks.
    We offer Danish Education 3 modules 1 & 2 in Hellerup or Frederiksberg from 4 to 20 August 2021.

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  • FVU-mathematics

    Would you like to become more confident in basic mathematics? Or practice speaking about everyday mathematics in Danish? Do you need mathematics skills to start an education, e.g. SOSU?
    Then a free FVU-mathematics course might be something for you!

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  • Saturday classes

    Do you want to learn Danish on the weekends?
    Our Saturday courses take place every other Saturday in Hellerup and the rest of the time you will complete and hand in exercises online.
    The course is for students on Danish Language 3, modules 2, 3, 4 & 5.

    Read more about Saturday courses here
  • "Learning Danish is expanding your horizon"

To Speak or not to Speak

Speak will be opening a new department in Elsinore.

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Do you want to start at Speak?

Do you want to start learning Danish for free in Hellerup, Frederiksberg or Lyngby?

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Physical teaching again

From Wednesday 26 May we are back to 100% physical teaching again. This means;

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The coming week at

Nothing from Tuesday 27 July to Tuesday 3 August.

Nothing from Tuesday 27 July to Tuesday 3 August.

Nothing from Tuesday 27 July to Tuesday 3 August.

At Speak we teach Danish to adult foreigners.

We believe that learning Danish should be both interesting and rewarding. That is why you will meet dedicated teachers, who know what it takes to learn Danish. We have more than 25 years of experience and we are the largest language centre north of Copenhagen.

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Are you looking for the best Danish language school around Copenhagen? Learn Danish with us today

Welcome to Speak, School of Danish, a professional language school in greater Copenhagen. If you want to learn Danish you have come to the right place.

We teach Danish for beginners and all subsequent levels and we have many course offers to choose from, Danish Education, FVU and many specialized courses. You can choose to learn Danish during daytime, evening, Saturdays, and partly – or learning danish 100% online.

We are located in Hellerup, Frederiksberg and Lyngby, all departments are in Copenhagen area.

Our Danish language lessons are officially approved and follow ministerial guidelines. This means that you will be able to conclude the courses with an official module test and examination with no added cost.

As we are one of the biggest language schools in Denmark, we are able to offer you many classes at different schedules and levels. This makes it easier for you to fit your Danish language lessons into your life and it ensures that you will be placed in a class with students at the same level as you.

We have been running a Danish language school in Copenhagen area for more than 25 years and we know from experience that it is possible to learn to speak Danish quickly. Our well-educated teachers are experienced and dedicated and they will encourage you to speak Danish as soon as you enter the classroom.

If you have any questions about our language center in Copenhagen area, you are always welcome to visit one of our departments, call us or write us an e-mail. You can also book an assessment interview here on the website to get started.

We look forward to seeing you at Speak – a Danish language school in Copenhagen area. We start up new Danish courses every month – Danish for beginners as well as subsequent levels.

Is it hard to learn Danish?

Learning Danish is neither hard nor easy. But if you want to learn Danish, you should know that it won’t cut without lots of practice. No one expects you to pick up a new language overnight or have a perfect pronunciation on the first go. Danish is infamously known for some strange words and phrases, like “rødgrød med fløde”, but it is not necessarily harder or weirder than other languages. It might just be more or less similar to your own language. Therefore, you should be patient with yourself, if you want to learn Danish—don’t give up, if it feels like you are moving too slow.

How can I learn Danish fast?

We strongly encourage all our students to practice their Danish skills outside the classroom, and living in Copenhagen or elsewhere in Denmark is a very good starting point, if you want to learn Danish fast. You should not be afraid to talk to the cashier in the grocery store or chat with the person next to you on the bus or at the café. By keeping the conversation going, you will learn new words, have a better chance of remembering the ones you learned at class and just generally get the language under your skin faster. Insist on your local friends to speak Danish to you. Mistakes are not defeats, they will only make you better. Another good advice is to follow the news in Danish. Buy today’s newspaper, watch the local TV station and listen to the radio. This will not only help you learning Danish faster—it also makes the process more fun and enjoyable.