Currently at Speak

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Reading workshops

Once again we are offering reading workshops

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This week at Speak

Activities at Speak from 2 to 6 October:

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Pronunciation Workshops

Are you struggling with your Danish pronunciation?

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Workshop for sygeplejesker

Workshop for nurses

Do you have a degree as a nurse from your home country?

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Speak Medical

For medical doctors, nurses and dentists at Danish Education 3, modules 4 & 5.

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Would you like to work at Speak?

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School of Danish - Meet our volunteers

Let’s Speak – on Mondays

Come by classroom L7 at Speak Lyngby and speak Danish with our volunteers.

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Dansk kursus i Hellerup

Let’s Speak – on Wednesdays

Come by the lounge at Speak Hellerup and speak Danish with our kind volunteers.

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Homework Cafe – on Mondays

Would you like some help with your homework?

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Undervisere på Speak - School of Danish

A shortcut to better Danish

Do you speak some Danish already? But you would like to improve your reading and writing skills?

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Want to learn Danish in Helsingør?

Speak also teaches Danish in Helsingør (Elsinore). Book an interview below to start classes in Helsingør.

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Think – in Danish

In Danish we have 2 words for “think”. Do you know when to use “tror” and when to use “synes”? Learn the difference in this short video.

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