What is FVU?

What is FVU Danish & Mathematics?

FVU is an abbreviation and stands for preparatory education for adults.

FVU Danish and Mathematics are free courses that are designed to help you improve your Danish language skills – or math skills – in your everyday life, your education or at your job. An FVU course can also improve your chances for employment.


FVU is aimed at foreigners and Danish citizens alike. FVU teaching focuses on reading and writing. FVU Start has focus on oral skills and vocabulary.

FVU courses are divided into steps / levels comprising of 40-60 lessons each. Each level can be concluded with an official test. FVU Start is concluded with an internal evaluation.

What can you use FVU for?

FVU Danish level 4 is equivalent to the Danish level obtained by concluding the 9th grade of primary school (folkeskolen). You can, for example, use a level 4 examination, if you want to apply for Danish citizenship. You can use a level 2 or 3 examination to apply for permanent residence in Denmark.

Read more about FVU level examinations here


FVU is targeted primarily at people with a shorter educational background or people who want to improve their limited Danish skills. Hence, by following an FVU course you will strengthen your Danish language skills, primarily within reading and writing. This can be useful, for example, if you want to do better at the Danish labour market.

FVU teaching takes place once a week, typically 2,5 hours, in a classroom setting with 12-18 other students. You can attend FVU classes in Hellerup, at Frederiksberg, in Lyngby or online.


You can enrol in an FVU course if you have a reasonable level of Danish.

Please see admission requirements here.

FVU cannot replace Danish education. But it can be a good supplement to Danish education or can be used as a subsequent course.

If you do not have the Danish level required to start in an FVU Danish or -Mathematics course, we can offer you FVU Start, which is a specially designed level that prepares you for the FVU courses.