FVU level examinations

What is an FVU level examination?

You can choose to complete your FVU course by sitting an FVU level examination. You can use FVU Reading Levels 2 and 3 to apply for permanent residence in Denmark and Reading Level 4 to apply for Danish citizenship. In addition, you can use Reading Level 4, if you have also passed Mathematics Level 2 to apply for admission to vocational training programmes.


Course participants:

You register with your teacher for the examination. It is free to sit the examination.


Independent students:

You may sit for a level test as an independent student if you live in one of the following municipalities: Gladsaxe, Lyngby, Gentofte, Rudersdal, Ballerup or Frederiksberg. You need to provide a level examination certificate for the previous level or you need to be screened to the level in question. It is free to sit the examination.

You enrol by sending an e-mail to Mette Grønager: mmg@speakspeak.dk.

When and where are the examinations held?

The next examinations will be held in December (week 50).

We hold FVU Danish and mathematics examinations in June and December.

The level examinations are held at Speak Hellerup.

Deadline for registration is 1 November 2021.

Content of the level examinations

Each level examination consists of different tasks.

We have made 4 videos – one for each level –  in which you can see the different types of tasks included for each level.

You can watch the videos here:

ID requirements

You are required to show a valid photo ID to be admitted for the FVU level examinations.

Link to guidelines on ID requirements.

How do I get my certificate?

If you participate in an FVU level examination and pass the examination, your certificate will be sent to you via e-boks. The certificate is issued and sent by VUC Lyngby.


If you would like any further information on FVU level examinations, please contact:

Enrol on an FVU (preparatory adult education) course and sit an FVU level examination.

More information

Read more on FVU level examinations at the website of the Ministry of Education

Links to the Education Guide and Study Guidance