Higher Education

What is the Higher Education Examination?

The Higher Education Examination (Studieprøven) is the conclusion to Danish Language 3, Module 6, and it is the most advanced test of the Danish Language System (Council of Europe test level C1). You can use the Higher Education Examination, if you want to apply for admission to a higher education programme in Denmark.


It is free to sit the Higher Education Examination, if you are enrolled on a Higher Education Examination Course at Speak. However, you are required to pay a fee to sit the examination, if you are an independent student.

Price and dates for the Higher Education Examination

The Higher Education Examination November/December 2020

Written examination: 16 November

Oral examination: during the period 7–18 December

Registration deadline: 7 September

Price: 1666,- DKK (833,- for the written part and 833,- for the oral part)


The Higher Education Examination May/June 2021

Written examination: 17 May

Oral examination: during the period 14 – 25 June

Registration deadline: 8 March

Price: will appear as of January 2021

Where is the examination held?

The Higher Education Examination is held at one of our departments, or close by. We will inform you about the exact location no later than 2 weeks before the examination.

ID requirements

You are required to show a valid photo ID to be admitted for both the written and oral parts of the Higher Education Examination.

Link to guidelines on ID requirements.

How do I get my certificate?

You will receive your certificate in your e-boks one week after the entire exam period is over.


If you would like any further information on the Higher Education Examination, please contact: