Learn Danish fast

8 tips and strategies to learn Danish fast

This guide is meant for you who wants to master the Danish language in record time. We have gathered 8 tips and strategies that can help you learning Danish fast.


1. Immerse yourself in the Danish language

There is no doubt that immersing yourself in the Danish language will help you to learn fast. Ways to do this can be by listening to music, watching Danish television programmes, going to Danish museums and, of course, living in Denmark, where the language is spoken.


2. Learn the basic rules of the language

It is essential to know the basic rules of the Danish language, e.g. the Danish alphabet, basic grammar rules and typical Danish phrases. You may find online resources for this on websites such as Duolingo and Babbel.


3. Practice speaking the language

When you decide to learn the Danish language, it is a good idea to find a Dane with whom you can practice speaking. It is, of course, possible to practice by yourself – but practicing with someone who knows the language will give you a better understanding of correct pronunciation and of what the language sounds like when spoken fluently. To this end, you can, for instance, participate in Let’s Speak.


4. Read texts in Danish

We recommend that you read easy books for adults or easy news articles in Danish. You can practice reading aloud while you see how the words are spelled and how the sentences are built. As you get better at the language, you may gradually read more difficult texts.


5. Listen to the language

Podcasts have become a very popular entertainment media over the past years and there is ample opportunity to listen to many interesting podcasts in Danish. No matter whether you are interested in economy, true crime or literature, it is possible to find Danish podcasts that will improve your ability to understand the spoken language.


6. Write in Danish

Writing in Danish helps you get the language under your skin. You can, for example, keep a diary in Danish or send e-mails and messages to friends who speak Danish.


7. Don’t give up

It is certainly not easy to learn a new language but it is no secret that practice is the road to success. It is therefore important that you keep practicing even though it may be a hard proces. The more you practice, the faster you will learn the language.


8. Find a good language school

A good language school is the alpha and omega if you want to learn a new language fast. In a language school you will be taught by professionals who know how to structure a language course and who have many years of experience in teaching people to speak, write and understand Danish. Moreover, you will be able to meet other expatriates who are equally engaged in learning the Danish language.