How to learn Danish grammar

When learning Danish, you might discover that the grammar rules are different from the ones you know. It can be difficult to master the articles, the sentence structure or the use of certain words, as some of the rules actually are pretty hard to explain. Therefore, our job at Speak School of Danish is to make you comfortable with the Danish grammar, in order for you to speak your new language. To give you a few examples, you can read about some grammar rules here.

Grammatic rules that are good to know

One of the grammatic rules to master in the Danish language is the use of the two articles “en” and “et”, for example when saying “en bil” or “et hus”, which means “a car” and “a house”. This grammatic rule isn’t really based on any rule in particular, and therefore it can be hard to learn, when to use which article. It all comes down to one thing: practice. The more times you repeat a word with its article and decline the word, the easier you will remember it. This is a classic example of a rule in Danish grammar. But remember ever so true quote – practice makes perfect.

A Danish language course will teach you the grammar

Even though the Danish grammar can be a challenge to learn, if you’re new to the language, there is always a way. If you want to make your Danish perfect, it can be a good idea to join a language course. At Speak – School of Danish we have schools in 4 different places in Denmark, in which we offer courses for people at all levels. Here, everything is in Danish from the day you arrive, and you won’t be disappointed with the improvement of your skills afterwards.

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