Top 10 useful Danish phrases

Are you new to the Danish language and want to improve? Then this is the right place for you to be. At Speak – School of Danish we wish to help you become great at speaking Danish. But mastering a new language doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hours of practice and you have to take the plunge in order to learn everything. However, these following 10 sentences will get you started…

These sentences are good to know

You can start out by learning the following top 10 Danish phrases:


  • “Hi, my name is (Anders). What is your name?” This translates to “Hej, jeg hedder (Anders). Hvad hedder du?”
  • “How are you? I’m fine.” In Danish this is “Hvordan går det? Det går godt.”
  • ”I’m from (India). Where do you come from?”, which is “Jeg kommer fra (Indien). Hvor kommer du fra?” in Danish.
  • “I live in (Copenhagen). Where do you live?” This translates to “Jeg bor i (København). Hvor bor du?”
  • ”I work in (a school). Where do you work?”, which is “Jeg arbejder på (en skole). Hvor arbejder du?”
  • “I would like (two beers). How much is that?” This will be “Jeg vil gerne bede om (to øl). Hvad koster de?” in Danish.
  • “Excuse me, do you know, where the station is? I’m lost.” will translate into “Undskyld, ved du hvor stationen ligger? Jeg er faret vild.”
  • ”The weather is nice today” vs. “What a lousy weather.” is “Det er dejligt vejr i dag” vs. “Sikke et møgvejr.” (In Denmark, we discuss the weather a lot).
  • “Excuse me, can you help me? Thanks for the help. You’re welcome.” These sentences are “Undskyld, kan du hjælpe mig? Tak for hjælpen. Det var så lidt.” in Danish.
  • ”I only speak a little bit Danish. Can you talk slow, please?” This will be “Jeg taler kun lidt dansk. Vil du være venlig at tale langsomt?”

We all started from the bottom

These are 10 good phrases to know, when you want to live in Denmark. But even with these, you are far from fluent. However, they are a good place to start, and they can make the everyday life easier for you. Start now and take a Danish course.