Danish for au pairs

For who?

Danish language courses for au pairs are tailored to people working as au pairs in Denmark. The courses are organised to fit in with your work as an au pair.

”At Speak, I would probably say that ”learning is more fun!” As an au pair, it is so vital to learn the Danish language, because it is one way for us to participate in this ”cultural exchange program.” And besides learning Danish we also make new friends. I highly recommend Speak to au pairs like me, because Danish is a useful tool for us to communicate effectively with our host families and especially the kids.”

Leslie Pearl Salares Llano
Philippine au pair

Classroom lessons

You will learn Danish in a classroom setting with other international au pairs in Denmark. It will give you ample opportunity to build a network of people who are staying in Denmark under similar circumstances to you.

What will you learn?

You will learn the type of Danish that you need day-to-day as an au pair in Denmark. And more than that. You will learn to communicate with your host family and the children in the family, but you will also learn to get by in Danish in your leisure time. If you have the time and the interest, you may finish the course by sitting Danish Language 2 Examination.

Danish Language 2

Danish courses for au pairs are organised as Danish Language 2 courses. Danish Language 2 consists of 6 modules. You will start with module 1. After every module, you will be asked to sit an examination and if you pass, you will be able to progress to the next module. It is up to you how many modules you want to take. If you finish module 6, you will be able to sit the Danish Language 2 Examination.

See Danish Education illustration here

Entrance requirements

You must have a residence permit as an au pair.
You must have at least ten years of schooling and some knowledge of English.

The practicalities

Daytime lessons: Speak Hellerup
Evening lessons: Speak Hellerup, Speak Frederiksberg and Speak Lyngby
You may also choose to attend a standard daytime course at Speak Hellerup, Speak Frederiksberg or Speak Lyngby.


Daytime lessons: three times a week 9.15–12.00 (new courses begin in January and August)
Evening lessons: twice a week 18.30–21.00 (new courses begin every month)
You may also choose to attend a standard daytime course (new courses begin every month)


The courses are free, if you have a residence permit as an au pair.

Rules relating to Danish language courses

You are required to complete your Danish language course within the deadlines of a so-called klippekort (a voucher system). This means, for example, that you have three years to complete the individual modules of your course and the course in its entirety.

Read more about the “Klippekort” here


If you would like further information on our Danish language courses for au pairs, please contact us on telephone number 3946 3050 or send an e-mail to hello@speakspeak.dk


You need to attend an interview with a language consultant, before you can enrol.