Danish courses at UCPH

Who can apply?

Speak provides intensive Danish language courses for international employees at the University of Copenhagen. We offer courses at all levels from beginners to intermediates (modules 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5).

Participation requires that you have a Danish civil registration number (cpr-number).

Classroom lessons

You will learn Danish in a classroom setting with other international employees who are at the same level as you. You will attend classes once a week, 3 lessons (3 x 45 minutes). Classes take place at UCPH campus.

The courses are based on the Danish you need in your professional and everyday life, and you will quickly be able to communicate in Danish both day-to-day at the university and when you are off. Teaching you good pronunciation is a key priority.

Danish Language 3

Our Danish language courses at UCPH are organised as Danish Language 3 courses. Danish language 3 consists of 5 modules + an optional extra module (higher education examination). At the end of every module, you may sit a module examination. You can finish module 5 (B2) by sitting the Danish Language 3 Examination.

The courses comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


See Danish Education illustration here

The practicalities


  • UCPH campuses (Nørre Campus/SCIENCE, City Campus/SAMF & Maersk Tower/SUND)



We are starting new courses at all levels in August 2024. The courses will last until mid-December 2024. There is a classroom session once per week.


  • 3.1 beginners : Tuesdays : 17.15 – 19.45 : Maersk Tower/SUND
  • 3.1 beginners : Tuesdays : 17.15 – 19.45 : Nørre Campus/SCIENCE
  • 3.1 beginners : Wednesdays : 17.15 – 19.45 : City Campus/SAMF


  • 3.2 continuing students : Mondays : 17.15 – 19.45 : Maersk Tower/SUND
  • 3.2 continuing students : Wednesdays : 16.00 – 18.30 : Nørre Campus/SCIENCE
  • 3.2 continuing students  : Wednesdays : 17.15 – 19.45 : City Campus/SAMF


  • 3.3 advanced students : Mondays : 17.15 – 19.45 : Maersk Tower/SUND
  • 3.4 advanced students  : Wednesdays : 17.15 – 19.45 : City Campus/SAMF
  • 3.5 advanced students  : Tuesdays : 17.15 – 19. 45 : Maersk Tower/SUND


If you wish to start at a different time, you can enroll in a course at one of our other branches.



  • The courses are free, if you are eligible for Danish education. However, you must pay a one-off deposit of DKK 2000,- (see below).


Courses will be held with a minimum of 12 participants.

You are welcome to bring your own tea/coffee etc.


As a general rule, you are entitled to free Danish education for 5 years from your arrival to Denmark.

If you are a self supporting student (not au pairs) you must pay a deposit of DKK 2.000,- before you can start. You can get your deposit refunded – or transferred to the next module – if you pass the module within the set deadline.

If you do not pass the module within the deadline, you will lose your deposit and must pay a new deposit if you want to continue to the next module.


Read more on deposit and deadlines here