Danish courses in Helsingør

Who can apply?

Speak is offering intensive Danish language courses in Helsingør (Elsinore). The Danish language courses are offered in collaboration with the municipalities Helsingør, Fredensborg and Hørsholm. You can choose between daytime- or evening classes.

Our Danish language courses are for all foreign residents above the age of 18 who have a civil registration number and are entitled to Danish education.

To speak or not to speak

At Speak, we speak Danish from the moment you walk through the door. This will allow you to get by in Danish quickly. We have vast experience with teaching Danish and we know that it works. We will work with your oral and writing skills and we attach great importance to providing you with a correct pronunciation.

You will learn Danish in a classroom setting with other students. This will enable you to expand your network in Denmark and meet other internationals in your area. You might have classmates that are not at the same level as you. Therefore, we will adapt the tuition individually to make sure that you can attend the module tests and final examination as soon as possible.

Danish Education 1, 2 & 3

At Speak Helsingør, we offer Danish classes in all 3 Danish Educations; 1, 2 & 3.

Danish Education 1 & 2 consist of 6 modules. Danish Education 3 consists of 5 modules + an extra module, that you can attend at one of our other departments (The Higher Education Examination). Each module is concluded with a module test.

Se Danish Education illustration here

Danish language examinations

All 3 Danish Educations are concluded with an official Danish language examination. The examination is free of charge if you participate in the final module. Read more about the examinations and what they give access to here.

The practicalities




  • In helsingør, you can start 1-2 weeks after your interview with a language consultant;

Daytime lessons:

  • DU1 & 2, all modules: 2-3 x week : 9 – 13.30
  • DU3, all modules: 2-3 x week : 9 – 13.30

Evening lessons:

  • DU 1, 2 & 3, all modules: 2 x week : 17 – 19.30



  • Courses are free of charge if you have a civil registration number and are entitled to Danish language lessons. However, you must pay a one-off deposit of DKK 2.000,- (see below).
  • Au pairs, residents referred under the Integration Act or recipients of unemployment benefit are exempt from paying the deposit.
  • If you are not entitled to free Danish language lessons, the courses cost DKK 840,- per week for evening classes and DKK 1400,- per week for day classes.

The prices include participation in module tests and the final Danish examination.


As a general rule, you are entitled to free Danish education for 5 years from your arrival to Denmark.

If you are a self supporting student (not au pairs) you must pay a deposit of DKK 2.000,- before you can start. You can get your deposit refunded – or transferred to the next module – if you pass the module within the set deadline.

If you do not pass the module within the deadline, you will lose your deposit and must pay a new deposit if you want to continue to the next module.


Read more on deposit and deadlines here


If you would like further information on our Danish language courses in Helsingør, please contact us on telephone number 3946 3040 or send an e-mail to helsingor@speakspeak.dk


You need to attend an interview with a language consultant, before you can enrol.