Danish at DTU

Who can apply?

Speak provides intensive Danish language courses at all levels for foreign students, employees and their spouses at DTU in Lyngby. We provide courses for students and courses reserved for employees.

Participation requires that you have a Danish civil registration number (cpr-number).

“The course is definitely fantastic! The improvement is measureable after every class. We are learning a lot and reasonably fast, not only the Danish language, but also we are having a crash course on the most important aspects of the Danish culture. Our teachers are highly qualified and have experience with students from different countries. The fact that the course is held at DTU is also very convenient for those that – like me – enjoy long hours in the lab.”

Jose M. G. Izarzugaza
Ass. Professor, Systems Biology, Spain

Classroom lessons

You will learn Danish in a classroom setting with other students or employees who are at the same level as you. The student courses are organised as classroom teaching twice a week whereas the courses for employees and Scandinavians are organised as blended learning, i.e. attendance once a week supplemented with online teaching.


The courses are based on the Danish you need in your everyday life at DTU, and you will quickly be able to communicate in Danish both day-to-day at the university and when you are off. Teaching you good pronunciation is a key priority in all course modules. The lessons are held at the DTU campus in Lyngby.

Danish Language 3

Our Danish language courses at DTU are organised as Danish Language 3 courses, consisting of 5 + 1 modules. At the end of every module, you may sit a module examination. The courses comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

See Danish Education illustration here

Danish Language 3 Examination

You can finish module 5 by sitting the Danish Language 3 Examination. Read more on the examinations and what they provide access to here.

Danish for Scandinavians

We have developed a special Danish language course for Norwegians, Swedes and Icelanders who already speak some Danish. We offer modules 3 and 4 as blended learning (i.e. partly online).

The practicalities




  • New courses begin during the first half of each semester.


Danish for students/employees:

  • 2 x week : 17.30 – 19.45 : Mondays & Wednesdays OR Tuesdays & Thursdays (all modules).

Danish only for employees:

  • 1 x week : 17.30 – 19.45 + online (all modules). NB: No available seats at the moment.

Danish for Scandinavians:

  • Thursdays: 17.30 – 19.45 + online (modules 3 & 4). Next course starts 24 September.



  • The courses are free, if you are eligible for Danish education. However, you must pay a one-off deposit of DKK 2000,-. See deposit rules here.

Rules relating to Danish language courses

You are required to complete your Danish language course within the deadlines of a so-called klippekort (a voucher system). This means, for example, that you have set deadlines to complete the individual modules of your course and the course in its entirety:

– If you are a self-supporting student, the general rule is that you must complete your Danish language course within 3½ years.

Read more about the “Klippekort” here

Other Danish language courses at DTU

We also offer intensive Danish language summer courses at DTU.

Enrolment will be possible here on the website before the courses start.

DTU consultation

If you have any questions relating to our Danish courses at DTU, please visit our coordinator:

  • Even numbered weeks: Mondays from 2.15 – 5 pm, Building 101, International Office
  • Odd numbered weeks: Thursdays from 2.15 – 5 pm, Building 101, International Office

Open from mid-January to mid-June and mid-August to mid-December



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