Speak Lyngby

Speak Lyngby is centrally located in the city centre between Lyngby Kulturhus and Magasin du Nord. There are teaching rooms on the 3rd floor.

Opening hours

Opening hours at the reception:

Mondays: 9 – 18.30
Tuesdays: 9 – 12 & 15 – 18.30
Wednesdays: 9 – 18.30
Thursdays: 9 – 15
Fridays: 9 – 14


For personal enquiries outside of the opening hours, you are welcome to contact the reception in Hellerup.


Klampenborgvej 221, 3. sal, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby


There is access to the premises from Johannes Fogs Plads (the square by Lyngby Kulturhus and the cinema). If you come from Klampenborgvej, you need to walk through the passage opposite the entrance to Lyngby Storcenter. The building has a lift. The reception is on the third floor.


There are various parking opportunities in the area. The majority is free for a limited time period (30 minutes and 1, 2 or 3 hours). If you need to park for longer, you can also pay for parking. A few parking spaces are free and without a time limit. Find key map here.


Public transport
Rejseplanen (Journey Planner)


Link to Google Maps, directions

Study centre

Speak Lyngby has a study centre with room for 18 students. A permanent teacher is on hand at the study centre. You may use the study centre as much as you like, for example to work at a computer, read books or do homework with which you might like some help from the study centre teacher. You can also visit the study centre, if you have problems with Moodle or Ludus Web.


Activities at the study centre
Every week, you have the opportunity to participate in the regular activities at the study centre, such as the sofa chat and homework cafe. In addition to our regular activities, we also run various exciting events from time to time, such as theme weeks or talks and lectures on relevant topics. Often, we also receive visits from experts or interesting public figures. Stay updated on what is happening on the front page and on facebook.


Opening hours at the study centre:

Mondays: 9 – 15
Tuesdays: closed
Wednesdays: 9 – 15
Thursdays: 9 – 15
Fridays: 9 – 12

Let's Speak

Come and speak with volunteers from the Lyngby guides every Monday at 12.15. All Speak students are welcome.

Food and drink

You can buy coffee/tea in the vending machines at the site, and you may store and heat your own food/drinks in the kitchen on the third floor. In addition, there are many excellent places to buy food nearby.


You have free access to our WiFi.


Would you like to call us? See our telephone hours here

Would you like to speak to a language consultant? See times for our drop-in service here

Would you like to speak to an FVU consultant? See times for our drop-in service here