Q: How long time do I have to wait for a class?

A: Following your registration interview, we plan to offer you a class within the next month. If you are open to several class possibilities and have no specific requests or preferences regarding schedule or department, the process can be faster. If you have very specific requests or preferences, the process could take longer.

Q: How do I book or cancel a registration interview appointment?

A: You can both book and cancel appointments for Danish Education through our booking system Geckobooking. Please find direct links here. You will be asked to create a profile in the booking system. If you already have an account, you must log in using your username and password.

Q: What happens when I pass or fail my module test?

A: If you pass your module test and would like to continue to the next module, your current class will usually continue with the same schedule. If you don’t want to continue, please notify your teacher right after the test.

If you do not pass your module test, we will usually move you to another class where you will be offered additional lessons before attending the test again.

We will usually offer you the same module test 3 times. If you do not pass the test the third time, we will move you to a lower Danish Education.

Q: How long time do the modules last?

A: The different Danish Education modules vary in duration and there is a clear correlation between the module’s difficulty level and its length. As you progress higher in the Danish education program, the modules get longer in duration. Therefore we cannot provide an exact answer regarding the duration of modules, but you can always inquire about your next test date from your teacher or you can find the information in mit.speakspeak.dk

Q: How can I inform my teacher that I will be absent from class?

A: If you are prevented from attending class, please record your absences in our administrative system ludusweb.

Please see a detailed guideline on how to record your absences in mit.speakspeak.dk – direct link here

Q: How can I change class / schedule / location?

A: If you would like to change class, schedule or location, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

We will try to find a class that matches your preferences as quickly as possible. However, there may be a waiting period at times. You can choose to stay in your current class or take a break while waiting for a new one.

If you are an S-student, please be aware that your deposit does not go on hold while waiting for a new class

Q: Where can I find my homework? 

A: You can find your homework in mit.speakspeak.dk – in your virtual classroom (holdrum).

If you need help regarding your homework at mit.speakspeak.dk, please contact your teacher. If you have other problems with mit.speakspeak.dk, you can write to: mitspeak.help@speakspeak.dk

Q: How do I log in to Ludusweb?

A: You log in to Ludusweb using your student number and the password you have chosen. You can find your student number in the welcome email you received from Speak. The first time you need to log in to Ludusweb, the password will be your date of birth (ddmmyy).

You can also log in with MitID.

If you encounter any issues while trying to log in to Ludusweb, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Q: How do I unenroll from my class?

A: If you do not wish to continue with your class, please contact us by phone or email.

Q: When are the holidays? 

A: You can see a calendar of holidays here. The gray periods are usually holidays or days off. However, please be aware that if you are an I or A student, you may need to attend classes during the holidays as well. If you have to attend classes during the holiday periods, they will usually be online

Q: Can you receive SU (State Educational Support) when attending Danish classes at Speak?

A: No, Danish education does not entitle you to SU (State Educational Support)

Q: How much absence am I allowed?

A: We expect you to attend your classes every time and to arrive on time. If you have online assignments, these also count as part of the classes. If you are absent two times in a row, you will typically be contacted by our administration. If we assess that you have too much absence to keep up with your class, you may be deregistered. In that case, it will be possible to continue in another class.

If you are unable to attend the class, please remember to register your absence in our administrative system, Ludusweb.

See here how to do it.

Q: What is the difference between Danish education and FVU?

A: Danish Education is a program targeted at foreigners with residence permits in Denmark (except diplomats). Danish Education is a free offering that must be utilized within the first 5 years of your stay in Denmark. In some cases, you may need to pay a deposit before you can start Danish Education. There are three different levels of Danish Education: DU1, DU2, and DU3. Your placement in a Danish Education program is based on your linguistic and educational prerequisites. Upon completing a Danish Education program, you are finished, regardless of whether you completed DU1, DU2, or DU3. So you are not proceeding to “the next” Danish education. Before you can start Danish Education, you must schedule an interview with one of our language consultants.

You can find more information about Danish Education here.

FVU stands for “Forberedende Voksenundervisning,” which translates to Preparatory Adult Education, and it is a free offering for all citizens over 25 years of age in Denmark. To start FVU, you should have a reasonable command of the Danish language. We offer FVU Dansk (Danish) and FVU Matematik (Mathematics). FVU Dansk helps you improve your reading and writing skills in Danish, offering levels 1 to 4, and we also provide FVU Start for those who are not at the level to begin at level 1. FVU Matematik helps you become better at handling numbers in your everyday life, offering levels 1 and 2. Before you can start FVU, you must schedule a screening with one of our FVU instructors.

You can find more information about FVU here.

Q: Why am I being charged a deposit again?

A: If you are an S-student and have paid a deposit, you have a limited time to complete the module in order to get your deposit refunded or carried over to the next module. If you do not pass your module test within the deadline, you will therefore be charged a new deposit when you enroll in the next module.

You can find the deadlines here.

Q: I have booked an online interview, but I have not received the link?

A: We will send you a link to Microsoft Teams before your interview. It may vary exactly when we send you the link. If you have not received a link, we would recommend checking your spam filter, as emails may end up there.

Q: What about books?

A: You borrow the books we use in the lessons. The books must be returned when the module is finished or if you stop attending lessons at Speak. Therefore, you are not allowed to write in the books. If you want to purchase a book, you can order it through a bookstore – we do not sell books at Speak. We have several different books, so it may vary which book your teacher is using.

Link to bookstore: Saxo