Business Danish

Do you have one or several foreign employees who might benefit from learning Danish?

Or do you have a group of employees whom you are considering for enrolment or would you like a quotation for a tailor-made programme?

Then please contact Head of Department Ulla Bæk at: or phone 3946 3044.

What is business Danish?

Business Danish is a type of Danish course tailored to the individual company’s needs. It is targeted Danish teaching adapted to the individual employee who would benefit from improving his/her Danish.

“The Business Danish Course has made a difference for Ioannis. We can see that Ioannis is conversing more with his colleagues and people at the construction site in his daily work. The collaboration with Speak and his teacher Cathrine has been really great”.

Jens Glindorf about Ioannis from Greece, who is employed as a construction site manager at Glindorf & Partners.

Industry-oriented Danish teaching

Business Danish courses are tailored specifically to the industry in which the individual employee is employed. This might be finance, biotech or pharmaceuticals. In this way, the foreign employees learn the Danish specialist terminology that they particularly need. The teaching may take the format of one of the official Danish language courses, which may be concluded with an official examination. Alternatively, a tailor-made programme may be put together.

Flexible programme

We organise the teaching individually according to student requirements and the right programme may take many formats. We provide:
Classroom teaching, where several colleagues are taught together
One-to-one teaching to cater to specific requirements
Online teaching, if extra flexibility is a priority

Assessing employees

If you are considering enrolling a group of employees on a Danish language course, we would be happy to visit the company to assess the employees’ individual proficiency in Danish.

The practicalities

The course may be held at the company’s premises, at one of our locations or online.


Arranged according to the client’s preference in connection with or outside the employees’ working hours. It can also be an online course.


Please contact us for a quotation, as it depends on which solution we agree upon.