Medical 3.4 & 3.5 at Gentofte Hospital

Speak Medical / Danish for doctors at Gentofte Hospital

The course takes place at Gentofte Hospital. We offer modules 4 & 5 in Danish Education 3.



In Speak Medical we will work towards Danish Examination 3 (PD3) in order to enable you to obtain the grades that are required to apply for Danish authorisation. This means, that we are working on you being able to pass PD3 with the grades 7, 7, 10, which are the required minimum grades to be able to register for the medical knowledge examinations.

The teaching at both modules 3.4 & 3.5 includes more lessons than a regular day class.

See the authorisation rules here.



The course holds the same elements as the regular Danish courses, but with a main focus on areas that are important, when working as a medical doctor, dentist or nurse in Denmark. For example a vocabulary related to the human body and diseases as well as focus on a good pronunciation, communication with patients and colleagues and knowledge about the Danish healthcare system.

As part of the instruction, you will be taught by Danish medical doctors and you will be able to practice and participate in simulated conversations with patients based on concrete cases.


Every week, we present you with a clinical lecture, which is training in listening comprehension and an introduction to medical terminology in Danish as well as a training in discussing authentic/relevant cases in Danish. Thus these lectures are both a supplement to the Danish lessons but also a form of preparation for the medical knowledge examinations.


All course participants are medical doctors, dentists or nurses, which gives you a good opportunity to build and expand your professional network.

The Practicalities



  • Module 3.4: Thursdays 9 – 15.15 (including the clinical lecture) & Fridays 9 – 12
  • Module 3.5: Thursdays 9 – 15.15 (including the clinical lecture) & Fridays 9 – 14.15
    In addition: help with applying for an internship.


  • The course is free of charge, if you hold an ordinary municipal referral for Danish education. However, you must pay a one-off deposit of DKK 2000,- (read more on deposit here).  Other clinical courses can be paid by yourself or you can apply for a specific referral for Speak Medical in your municipality.
  • If you do not hold a municipal referral for Danish education, the price is DKK 140,- per lesson (45 minutes) + extra for possible addons.
  • All prices include the fee to sit Danish Language 3 Examination.



You need to attend an interview with a language consultant, before you can enrol. If you are already a Speak-student, please contact us for a special Speak Medical-interview.