FVU Courses

FVU stands for "forberedende voksenundervisning" (preparatory adult education). FVU courses are a good supplement to Danish Education. We offer FVU courses in reading and mathematics. The courses focus on reading and writing and are divided into levels. Each level can be concluded with an official level examination. FVU courses are free of charge.

FVU Start

FVU Start is tailored for foreigners and prepares you for FVU Reading level 1.

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FVU Reading Level 1

At FVU Reading Level 1, we will train you in oral Danish to help you become better at reading and writing Danish.

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FVU Reading Level 2

At FVU Reading Level 2, you will learn to read faster and more correctly.

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FVU Reading Level 3

At FVU Reading Level 3, we will be working with grammar and various types of texts.

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FVU Reading Level 4

At FVU Reading Level 4, you will expand your vocabulary and read and write academic texts.

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FVU Mathematics Levels 1 and 2

At FVU Mathematics, we will be working with exercises involving numbers, tables and diagrams.

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