Prepare for the PD3 Exam

Who can apply?

Speak offers an intensive brush up course for PD3 Examination participants. The course is aimed at non-Speak students who wish to take extra measures to get the best possible results at the exam. Speak-students are also welcome to sign up for the course.


You can choose between a writing brush-up course and an oral brush-up course – or both.

“I think I have learned a lot in a really short time. We got individual feedback and that was something I needed. I do recommend the course to others”.

Doaa, Egyptian student and former participant on the PD3 course

Writing course

The course takes place online via Zoom.


In this course you will work with the written part of the PD3 exam. We will introduce you to the two written parts of the exam: reading comprehension and written presentation.


We will look at different examples on how to respond adequately to different types of questions presented in PD3. You will do written exercises and you will get indiviual feedback. Furthermore, we will work with reading techniques and reading strategies.


The course teacher has an extensive experience with teaching and testing PD3 students.

Oral course

The course is an attendance course at Speak Hellerup.


In this course you will work with the oral part of the PD3 exam. We will introduce you to the two oral parts of the exam: your presentation of a prepared subject, and answering questions to an unprepared subject.


We will work with concrete examples on how to answer adequately to the different types of questions raised during the exam. You will do oral exercises and get individual feedback.


The course teacher has experience with teaching and testing PD3 students.

The Practicalities


  • Writing course: Online via Zoom
  • Oral course: Speak Hellerup



  • Writing online course: 3 Saturdays/public holiday from 10 to 11.30 via Zoom on the following dates: 24/4, 30/4 & 8/5.
  • Oral attendance course: 3 Saturdays from 9.30 to 12 on the following dates: 29/5, 5/6 & 12/6.



  • Writing course: DKK 780,-
  • Oral course: DKK 780,-
  • Both courses: DKK 1.450,-

Contact & enrolment

Please send an e-mail to Liv West Eliasen to register for the course.
NB: The course can include a maximum of 18 participants.