Danish pronunciation course

Who can apply?

Speak’s pronunciation course is aimed at expats who speak Danish but wish to improve their Danish pronunciation. In this course we will work with your Danish pronunciation and change your incorrect pronunciation habits.

Course content

We will identify your specific pronunciation difficulties and make an individual course plan in accordance to that. We will make sure that you reach the goals you have set for yourself, whether it is a correct accentuation or rhythm of the language or the pronunciation of particular difficult sounds.

The course is one-to-one tuition. You can attend the course at your workplace, at one of Speak’s departments or online via Skype. You will get access to Speak’s pronunciation platform “Sig det rigtigt”, which makes it easy to practice at home. The course teachers have extensive experience with pronunciation training and they achieve good results.

The course consists of a minimum of 5 lessons (45 minutes).

The practicalities


The course comprises of a minimum of 5 lessons. We will agree a time that is convenient to you.



The course may take place at one of Speak’s locations, at your workplace or online.



DKK 900,- per lesson.

Contact and registration

Contact course coordinator Natalie Møller for more information and registration.