Physical teaching again

From Wednesday 26 May we are back to 100% physical teaching again. This means;

  • Most of our classes receive 100% physical teaching. A few evening classes in Frederiksberg continue with (partly) online teaching.
  • You must wear a face mask when you enter the school. You may take it off when you are seated.
  • Everyone who shows up physically must present a Covid-19 passport. This can be:
    – proof of a negative Covid-19 test result – less than 72 hours old.
    – proof of first vaccination (valid 2 weeks after completion)
    – proof of previously Covid-19 infection (valid from 14 days – 8 months after infection)
    If you are unable to provide one of the above mentioned proofs, you will be sent home.
  • All interviews and FVU screenings will be physical from 1 June 2021. Please make sure to present a Covid-19 passport.