Course for young adults

For more information on the course; please contact programme coordinator Karin Pedersen at: or by phone on 4021 4529.

Who can apply?

At Speak, we provide a Danish course which is tailor-made for young refugees and immigrants aged 16–25. The participants are taught Danish as a second language but also mathematics and socio-cultural understanding. Our course is an inclusive, flexible programme providing a set framework and a plan for the future.

What is the course for young adults?

Our programme for young adults is an integrated course, organised in close collaboration with contact persons, the local Youth Guidance Centre, representatives from accommodation facilities and other individuals playing a part in the welfare of the particular young adult. The course is or provides:

  • Development and clarification of personal resources
  • An inclusive programme providing structure and routine
  • A programme that makes both educational and interpersonal demands in a safe environment
  • Use of an electronic teaching portal, which makes the participants familiar with life in a digitalised world
  • Teaching tailored to the resources of the individual
  • A programme which prepares the individual for attending a standard education programme or getting a job

Danish Language 1, 2 & 3

We provide teaching at all 3 levels. Danish Language 1, Danish Language 2 and Danish Language 3 are divided into modules, and at the end of every module, you may sit a module examination (see illustration).

You can finish any of our Danish Language courses by sitting an official Danish examination.

The practicalities


Speak Hellerup



The course takes place 4 x a week from 12.30 to 15.



Standard rate per module + 240 DKK/week; the price includes the fee to sit the final Danish language examination on the final module.


For information on course content: contact Leila.
For enrolment: contact our language consultants - see link under enrolment.


There are no set enrolment dates. Participants may start the programme at any time.

Please contact our language consultants during their phone hours, in order to book an appointment for an assessment interview.