FVU-Danish level 1

Who can apply?

FVU stands for Forberedende Voksenundervisning (Preparatory Adult Education). FVU-Danish is a free Danish course to you who would like to become better at reading, writing and spelling. Our FVU-courses are developed to help you do better at work, in your studies and in your day-to-day life.

What is FVU-Danish level 1?

At FVU-Danish level 1, we will train you in oral Danish to help you become better at reading and writing Danish. We will teach you the relationship between sounds and writing, so it will be easier for you to hear how words are spelt.

We will be working with reading techniques, so you will become better at understanding what you are reading.

In writing, we will teach you to write texts that you will need in your everyday life, such as e-mails.

The course will also prepare you for FVU-Danish, level 2.

Entrance requirements for FVU

You can enrol on FVU-Danish, level 1, when you;

  • Have passed Danish Language 1 Module 6
  • Have passed Danish Language 2 Module 5
  • Have passed Danish Language 3 Module 4

Or you have been assessed for a corresponding level.

If your Danish level is lower, you might enrol on FVU-start.

If you are under the age of 25, special conditions apply. Please find more information in chapter 2 in the FVU-declaration.

Level examination

You can finish FVU-Danish level 1 by sitting an official level examination. If you pass the examination, you will get a certificate.

The practicalities


You can attend FVU-Danish level 1 lessons at:
Speak Hellerup
Speak Lyngby
Speak Frederiksberg



  • Lessons are once a week, Monday to Thursday: afternoons or evenings



  • The course is free.


If you would like further information on FVU, please come along – or call –  during the FVU-consultant’s office hours.



You need to be assessed before you can enrol. Book an appointment for an assessment with an FVU-consultant here