FVU course at work

Do you have one or more Danish or foreign employees/colleagues who might need to improve their Danish reading and writing skills?


Contact Anne Marie Ladefoged, FVU consultant, at ala@speakspeak.dk, for more information on an FVU course at work. We can also make arrangements for a consultant to visit your company.

What is an FVU course at work?

FVU stands for Forberedende Voksenundervisning (Preparatory Adult Education). An FVU course at work is an integrated course for Danish or foreign employees who struggle reading, writing or doing arithmetic in Danish. For example, they may have difficulty writing work emails, reading manuals and/or interpreting a diagram or similar.

Tailor-made teaching

An FVU course at work is tailored to the specific needs of the company. By including real texts, manuals or other actual items from the workplace, the lessons may be a tool to solve very specific difficulties.

FVU Reading and FVU Mathematics

We offer FVU Reading and FVU Mathematics. FVU Reading is for individuals who would like to improve their Danish reading and writing skills. FVU Mathematics is for individuals who would like to become better at doing arithmetic in Danish.

FVU levels

The FVU courses are divided into levels of 40–60 lessons. You may complete each level by sitting an official FVU level examination. However, these examinations are not obligatory.

FVU Reading consists of five levels: Start, 1, 2, 3 and 4. FVU Mathematics consists of two levels: 1 and 2.

Who are the teachers?

The FVU courses are taught by highly experienced and well qualified teachers who are specifically trained to teach FVU courses and Danish as a second language for adults.

Assessing employees

We assess all potential participants before they are enrolled and divided into levels. If you are considering enrolling a group of employees, we would be happy to visit the company to assess the employees’ individual proficiency in Danish.

The practicalities


The course may be held at the company’s premises or at Speak Hellerup or Speak Lyngby



Evenings, weekends, during working hours or by special arrangement



40–60 lessons distributed on for example 3–6 weekly lessons or by agreement



FVU courses and materials are free

If the teaching takes place during working hours, the company can apply for State Educational Support for Adults (in Danish abbreviated to SVU – Statens Voksenuddannelsesstøtte) to recoup lost productivity. We would be happy to offer practical help with the application.



We start new courses regularly as and when required.

Contact Anne Marie Ladefoged, FVU consultant, at ala@speakspeak.dk, if you would like to book an appointment for assessment of one or several employees.

More information

Read more about FVU on the Ministry of Education’s webpage